NVMAD (pronounced "Nomad") was founded on Feb 1st, 2015 in New York City at the historic Market Diner located on the corner of 11th Ave and 43rd Street, with the vision of radically altering the way that retailers and manufacturers go to market with their private label.

Since then we've helped leading companies like MUJI, Aeon, Sukiya and many others develop hundreds of products and brands from all over the world.

All this collaborative work with global partners helped us create SVNAPS, the world's only multi-lingual all-in-one collaboration platform, and Rugfish, the easiest way to shop and source innovative, economical and fun products from around the world.

NVMAD officially closed its doors in January of 2022.


Key Projects


Yamashin, White Soy Sauce

Founded in 1802 in Aichi Prefecture, Yamashin, Inc. is Japan's oldest manufacturer of white soy sauce.  


White Shoyu (soy sauce) is made by brewing wheat and a minimum amount of soybeans. The result is a sweet, delicate and unique flavor combination that allows you to add soy sauce flavor to your dishes, without the heavy coloring of a normal soy sauce.


The Worthy Company

Worthy is a company, a brand, a promise and a movement; created to ensure that plant-based nourishment is accessible to all and to inspire a global wave of self-worth. We value protecting mother earth and all her inhabitants.


We believe all people are worthy of plant-based, nourishing foods that feed the body and spirit. it is why we founded a company rooted in values that are far bigger than our bottom line. We were seeking a delicious eating experience delivering plant-based, complete nutrition in a portable format reasonably priced both for ourselves and our families.

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Sealies are environmentally friendly convenience closures for all your lifestyle needs.
Protected by US Patents: 8,485,380 & 8,720,745.

Life is messy. Wouldn't it be great if there was an environmentally friendly, inexpensive, safe and easy way to reclose, secure and organize your stuff.

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When it comes to shopping, most of us are half asleep most of the time. It's almost like sleep shopping, choosing the same things day in and day out.


The world has millions of incredible foods to choose from. We search the world and bring them directly to your door.

Try something new today on Rugfish.





NVMAD provided on-site support to the CEO and c-suite executives from 2015-2018, developing brand strategy, marketing and design for private brands, retail brands and the sourcing and development of products.

About Zensho & SUKIYA
Zensho is Japan's largest food service company with nearly 10K locations. Zensho’s diverse network of restaurants serving gyudon, udon, and hamburger steaks, as well as conveyor-belt sushi restaurants and coffee shops, provide dining options to suit any customer’s needs. Zensho operates supermarket chains that are uncompromising on safety, quality, and price.

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